3 in 1 USB Cable With Micro USB Type C and Lightning Connector

Compatible with: smartphone, tablet

3 in 1 USB Charging Cable With Micro USB Type C and 8 Pin Lightning Male Connector is a very useful and perfect product for charging your Apple, Android & Micro USB devices at the same time with your Laptop, Computer or Wall Charger. This cable comes with One USB Type A at one end and One Lightning, Type C and Micro USB at another end. So you can charge any device by using this cable. It is a High-Quality Charging cable. You can use this cable to connect with Smartphones, and peripherals that require a USB Type A connection to your computer. You can charge your Mobile/Tab safely with high transmission speed. Excellent design with high-pressure resistance. Please Note that this cable can be used only for charging suitable devices, not for transfer data. This product is constructed with corrosion-resistant, stainless steel connectors for optimal signal clarity and shielding to minimize interference. The stainless steel connector heads slot in easily and steadily, and won't get loose or fall out from your devices as your normal micro cables. Nylon braided cord is tangle free and robust promises you a perfect experience in charging your devices. Ensure a maximum charging speed up, charge faster than most standard cables and work better for Smartphones and tablets. Great replacement compared with your old charger cables.

Multi 3 in 1 Silver charging cable, An Integrated design Can support 3 mobile phone charging at the same time. Simple, lightweight, portable and convenient.(3 in 1, 4Feet/1.2M) Carry this durable strong multiple cord with you anywhere, perfect for home use and office or business and travel. Multi USB Charger Cable: Including 1x micro usb cable, 1x usb c cable, 1x 8pin cables [not MFI certificated]. Saving-Space: Multi charging cable charger different devices simultaneously, no need to carry many cables when you are in a car, office or in travelling [not support Sync Data, only for Charging]. Multi Phone Charger: Multi USB cable at 2A maximum charger speed. support iPhone, iPad, iPod, google, LG, nintendo switch, samsung and more. Mini USB Cable Size: Multiple charging cable total length 4 Feet(1.2 Meter),and Made of nylon braided protective layer and aluminum alloy connector. This Cable is Compatible with almost all Smartphones available in the market. This cable comes in tangle-free design. It is backward compatible with USB 1.0. The total length of this cable is 1.2 Meter.This product is available in silver color.

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