About Our Company

Iends Technology Limited was established in the year 2014 in Hong Kong which is a global financial center and the gateway to the world leading manufacturing country. The primary vision of the company is to produce quality products for reasonable pricing. Iends Technology Limited is proud to have stayed true to that vision in this competitive market without compromising on quality.

Achieving top most efficiency in all our process and activity is one of the ways through which we have been able to provide quality products for reasonable price. From choosing our base in Hong Kong, which helped in being near our factories and logistical supports, to design implementations, we strive for making each and every process an effective and efficient one. Iends Technology Limited have grown to having more than 65 variety of products in our young company history.

We have established supplier and dealer networks locally and globally. We provide support in maintaining the efficient and effective way towards our suppliers and dealers to help keep the price in reasonable level which we ascertain by researching the markets we enter with the help of our dealers and suppliers. Iends Technology Limited believe in empowering our customers through quality products and a quality bond with our suppliers & dealer to grow together.