Smart Watch and Earbuds Combo

Compatible with: pc, smartphone, tablet

Smart Watch:

Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth Call, Custom Watch Face, Sleep Monitor, Wireless Charging, SMS and Notifications, Mini Game, Blood Pressure, Sports Mode, Blood Oxygen, Stop Watch, Weather, Device Set Up, Remote Photo



Plug Type: Lightning Port

Effective Distance: 10m

Earbuds Capacity: 25mAh

Charging Case Capacity: 180mAh

Play Time: 3 Hours

Charging Time: 1-1.5 Hours

Weight: 45g

Surface: Matt Finish


Pairing Instruction:

Once the earbuds are taken out from the charging case, both earbuds get power on with a prompting sound. Search for the name "IE-TWS36" on the device and connect with earbuds. After connecting for the first time, auto reconnection function activates for the next time use.

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