In-Ear Stereo Earbuds Earphones

Compatible with: pc, smartphone, tablet
    In-Ear Stereo Earbuds Earphones with Mic is very much useful and powerful product which is designed to help you enjoy your favorite music on the go. The fine and melodious sound is conveyed by lightweight & high-quality diaphragm. The vibrating diaphragm is made of high-quality material for detailed sound. Minimalist and lightweight earphone comfort your ears. Perfectly suit your ears for long-time comfortable wearing experience, and also insulate background noise to make much clearer sound. It delivers Dynamic Stereo & High-Quality Sound. Adopt the most fashionable appearance structure. New and unique in-ear-canal design that ensures noise blockage, low song leakage, and great audio quality. Hands-free microphone and remote control allow you to easily answer calls, end calls and play music.  Adjust headphone sound to the proper volume. The loud sound may damage your ears. These types of simple, yet reliable, and affordable in-ear earphones are the first things you should buy first, when choosing the proper private listening devices. This Earphone comes in White Color. The total cable length is 1.2 Meter.

    Ergonomic Design, High angelic Sound, In-Line Microphone, Control Button and Tangle-Free Cable. For traffic safety never use the headset while riding bicycle or motorbike while Driving a car. It is dangerous to Increase the sound volume too much because you cannot hear an external sound. Take great care of turnaround you. Please do not pull the cord too hard in case of Breakage. Integrated control remote and Mic With Volume Control function Enable you to listen & answer calls. Enjoy and Control Music & Video Playback. Its Gold plated 3.5 mm plug with 107 dB sensitivity and 32? impedance is compatible with most players, such as smartphones, tablets, PC, MP3 or professional audio players. It can be connected with Players and Related Devices with 3.5mm port. The Control button will Functions as follows: Play Button: 1 click: play, pause, answer call and disconnect call. 2 click: next track. 3 click: previous track. Microphone: High quality sound and noise reduction.

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