Memory Foam Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Black

Compatible with: pc
  • Memory foam mouse pad: Filled with memory sponge, soft and comfortable, has good elasticity, ergonomic design, ease the long-term use of computer the pressure at the bottom of the natural rubber arm, close to the desktop, good skid resistance, surface T cloth is better flexibility and abrasion resistance, not easy to fold, easy washing, drying and other characteristics.
  • Mouse pad with wrist support: Suitable for the crowd, long-term use of computer office workers, white-collar, Internet cafes, game enthusiasts, men and women, young and old.
  • Mouse pad memory foam: On the taste, the product has just come out there will be a slight rubber flavor, the ventilation Department for one or two days, can be dispersed, particularly sensitive to the taste of the customer carefully pat.

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