Wired Selfie Stick

Compatible with: smartphone
  • 100cm Length Travel Wired Mono pod Selfie Stick for Smartphones and Cameras is a very useful and perfect product for taking Selfies while you are at home or on tour. 
  • It has lots of unique design features that make it exceptionally easy for people to snap selfies. 
  • It is portable enough to carry in any bag or coat pocket and fully adjustable to the desired angle and user don't need any instruction manual. 
  • Compatibility with Android smartphone: need to download app "Camera 360", and a setting need for certain smartphones. 
  • Extendable up to 100 cm, adjustable phone holder allowing random rotation of shooting angle.
  • Allows for selfies or above-crowd shots. Mono pod refreshingly simple to use, attach it to the mono pod mount and put on the iPhone or Android smartphone. 
  • Camera extend and make it possible to get the coolest shots, shooting smoother video and supporting longer lenses with sports and aerial photography are the uses that always came to mind first. Now the selfie mono pod has exploded on the scene.
  • No Bluetooth Hasssle, Just Plug and Play. 
  • Simply connect to the 3.5 mm Mini Stereo female socket of your Smartphone and start controlling your Camera.
  • Mono pod Selfie Stick gives a working length of 100 CM. 
  • The main advantages of this Selfie Stick are a) Adjustable handheld Selfie mono pod b) Gives you much smoother pictures and videos c) Connects without the help of Bluetooth d) Shoot from any angle, Adjust easily e) Works with all Smartphone cameras and no charging needed f) Groove on the pole for stronger hold. 
  • The main features of this Mono pod Selfie Stick are a) Usable without Bluetooth shutter or WiFi, Battery free b) Mostly Compatible with iOS and Android phones c) User friendly without installing any App. 
  • Simply plug in the 3.5mm audio cable and press the shutter for pictures. 
 Note: Some Android Smartphone above 4.22 version required the support of 3rd party App like Camera 360 for the full functionality of the selfie stick.( App is free to download from play store ). This selfie stick is available in black color.

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