Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Compatible with: pc, smartphone, tablet


Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Working Distance: 10m

Frequency: 200Hz-20 KHz

SNR: ?80dB

Impedance: 4?

Battery: 800mAh

Playing Time: 3 Hours

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Built-In Voltage: 3.7V

Speaker Size: 52mm*2

Power: 3W*2




Music Mode: Press once for last song/next song. Long press for volume increase/decrease.

Music Play (USB Card/TF Card/Line In/Wireless): Press once to play/pause the song.

FM Mode: Press once for auto search/stop searching.

Wireless Mode (Mobile Pair): Press once to answer/hang up a call, press twice to disconnect the call.

Note: Under FM mode, please insert the AUX cable to get better FM sound quality.

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